Meet The Lacs

A unique band based in Baxley, GA

Looking for a good time and good vibes? Meet The Lacs. They're a country rap duo based in Baxley, GA. Started by Clay Sharpe and Brian King over a decade ago, they combined the styles of country, southern rock, rap and blues to form their own unique style and sound.

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The Lacs - Story of a Trainwreck (Official Music Video)

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The LACS - I Love Country Songs (ft. Dustin Spears) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Over the years, The Lacs have been truly blessed with an incredible fan base and success. Thanks to our fans, we've been able to:

Tour around the United States for the past 12 years
Reach over 374.3 million views on Youtube
Has over 750k albums scanned
Rank among the top 25 streaming country artists on Pandora
Spend 175 weeks on the Billboard Country Charts
4 RIAA Certified Gold Records

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Our music and our home is our passion

We all know that America has been through a lot these past few years. But as The Lacs, we've had a unique view of where we've been, where we're going and what parts of our identity haven't changed at all.

Above all else, home is where everything we do begins and ends. We still live near where we were born; you can sense it in every note we sing and word we say. We want to make folks back home proud when they listen to us.

To discover more of our music and what we're all about, contact us today.